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Smarte Jack

Smarte JackTM: Boat Lift Wheel Kit
Our wheel kit makes moving your boat lift easy.

Smarte Jack

Plastic wheel sold separately.

Once you attach SmarteJack to your boat lift, you don't have to remove it unless you want to. 

- Is made from aluminum

- Fits on most boat lifts.

- Is a one-time, easy install

- Uses hevay duty plastic wheels

- It's easy to level: adjusts up and down 20"

- Adjusts with wrench or cordless drill

- Rolls easily on all terrains

- 700 lbs capacity per Smarete Jack

- Fit 1-7/8" and 2" wheels hubs

- 4.5" Stainless carriage bolts and brass nylon lock nuts are included

28199 Smarte Jack / pair
28197 Heavy duty plastic wheel / per pair

United States Patent Number 8596906

Canadian Patent Number  2787879

Smarte Jack with wheel pair.jpg


As an avid boat enthusiast, I've had my fair share of experiences with various boat lift systems, and the Smarte Jack has truly stood out as a game-changer.


Ease of Use


Durability and Build Quality



Smarte Jack.jpg






One-Person job

Smarte Jack use.jpg

Easy & Quick

Smarte JackTM makes moving your boat lift easy and quick. With this retractable wheel kit, efficiently move your boat lift or dock by yourself.

Smarte Jack_operate.jpg

Perfect Solution for Boat owners and installers.

Smarte JackTM makes boat lifts easy to move and to level. Attachable wheels make your boat lift light and mobile. If you want to level the lift, all you need is a wrench or cordless drill: Smarte JackTM moves up and down 20 inches.


Makes a tough, multi-person job quick and efficent.

Smarte JackTM makes boat owners can spend more time relaxing and dock installers can get more lifts in the water, also make more money.

Smarte Jack 
How it works

I bought a second pair after having only two of these on my boat hoist. The original two are 10 years old and work like brand new. This product makes moving that behemoth around pretty darn simple.

"Game changer if your lift doesn’t have wheels. The jacking feature is awesome. If you’re on the fence, buy it, worth every penny."

"It was easy to install and worked perfect.
I was able to roll my Midlander Boat Lift across my yard and down to the water all by myself. It makes it so easy to move your boat lift. Highly recommend for any boat lift owner."



In certain circumstances where docks and lifts are exposed to heavy wave action, the wheels may have to be removed from to prevent damage to the Smarte Jack. Failure to remove the wheels in these types of conditions that may cause damage to the axle, wheel stop and the wheel that will not be accepted under waranty.

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