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For Inventors

Put our passion to work to bring your invention to market.


Got a great idea? You're in the right place


If you have an invention or innovative solution, Quality Mark, Inc. can help you bring your idea to market. We make creative thinking profitable. Quality Mark, Inc. is owned and managed by inventors. We know that if you have a great idea or innovation, you might be stuck: without the right resources, it can be difficult to develop, manufacture, sell your product and make a profit. We work with you, our U.S. project managers and overseas manufacturing companies to make your ideas come to life.



Sourcing Your Materials and Components


We'll help you find, evaluate, and engage suppliers for the parts required to build your product. With us, you can rest easy: we never use a third-party agent to source materials. We do this ourselves, ensuring you're getting parts and materials of the highest quality for the best value.



Bringing Your Invention to Market 


With our marketing and sales team we will help you bring your product to the consumer though several different channels.  We have relationships with a number of distributors and dealers in the marine and powersports industries.  As well as connecting directly to the consumer through website development and listing your products directly on Amazon. 



Patent Your Invention


As you should know one of the best methods of preventing someone from knocking off your inventions and undercutting your costs is a patent.  Quality Mark, Inc is the holder of over 25 unique patents which has given us a unique understanding of the patenting process.   Let us and our lawyers help you get a patent for your invention that won't be easily broken after your product has been brought to market. 


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