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Patent Pending

28500 Stern Light2
28501 Universal spring joint2

-Improved safety  -High visibility  -100% adaptable
-Completely sealed high intensity LED
-Complete flexibility  - Cost effective
-2NM Nautical Mile Certified

28500 Stern Light2.jpg

The stern light also offers a unique one piece sealed high intensity LED bulb positioned atop a slim composite pole. This allows for a sleek euro style appearance without an external bulb housing to break or replace over time. The pre-drilled base enables simple installation on all applications and allows for easy angle adjust ability.

Patent Pending

28501 Universal spring joint2.jpg

28500 Stern light

Light Saver banner7.jpg
Light Saver banner7.jpg

28501 Universal spring joint

The universal spring joint can be used in conjunction with any removable stern light reducing the chance of damage or breakage.

The fixed articulating spring joint stern light was designed to improve the customers overall boating experience while ensuring safety with high visibility.


Patent Pending

Both products will eliminate the need to remove and/or lower the stern light while entering a boat lift, canopy, garage, bridge or any other obstacle that the light may encounter

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