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Upgrade your boating experience with the Bow Step Boat Ladder – where convenience meets craftsmanship. Effortless boarding, smart design, and reliable construction make this ladder a valuable addition to any vessel, ensuring that every journey on the water is marked by accessibility and style.

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Embark on a new level of boating convenience with the Bow Step Boat Ladder – a clever integration of functionality and design that enhances your marine experience. This innovative boat ladder not only provides effortless boarding but also adds a touch of versatility to your vessel.


Streamlined Boarding


Solid Construction


Bow Integration




Versatile Utility


Foldable Convenience


Safety First

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Boat Trailer Ladder

Bow Step

If you've tried to step into a trailered boat, you know it's awkward. Bow StepTM is an aftermarket trailer accessory that makes getting in and out of your boat quick and safe.  Whether at the boat launch or in your driveway, Bow Step is a great addition to your trailer.


Bow Step is designed to be mounted to either the tongue or the side rail of your trailer. The simple installation requires only a pair of 9/16 and a 3/4 inch wrenches. The Bow Step can be mounted on either the trailer tongues or side rail with widths of 2 to 4 inches and heights of 2 to 5 inches.

US Patient Number 8,636,110B2

Bow Step-Boat Trailer Ladder

The safe and easy way to get in and out of your trailered boat.

28801 3-Step starboard with right handrail

Bow Step


The big, sturdy handle enhances safety.

Wide, non-skid steps

14" width

Foldable Convenience

Heavy-duty ladder folds up and way when not in use.

Easy to install

all mounting hardware included

Angle adjustments

Infinite angle adjustments to fit your boat / trailer configuration.


Rated for a 300 pounds capacity

​How to select your Bow Step

1. Choose what side of the boat you want the Bow Step mounted on the port (left) or starboard (rgith).

**Port is term used to describe the left side, if you are facing the bow. 

**Starboard is term used to describe the right side, if you are facing the bow.

2. Decide if you want a 3 step or 4 step Bow Step. If you order a 3 step the top step will be approximately 20" above the trailer tongue and a 4 step will be 30".


Our Collection


"Love this. Delivered on time and easy installation. Took 15 minutes to install and was ready for the lake. This is great for people who have bad knees or like me older."

"Being a disabled fisherman, this ladder makes it so much easier getting in and out of my boat. A must have!"
"I like the fact that it is easy to install and remove. I only use mine when I am loading my boat on the trailer. I leave it in my vehicle until then. I also use it when I am at home working on the boat. This bow step is a great addition to my trailer."
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