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Boat Cover Support Pole

Your Ultimate Solution for Boat Protection

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Spring Loaded Boat Cover Support Pole

United States Patent number 11260939


Enhance Your Boat's Lifespan


Easy and Adjustable

The Pop-A-Pole Boat Cover Support Pole is designed with durability and longevity in mind. By preventing water from pooling on your boat cover, it safeguards your vessel against the damaging effects of rain, snow, and debris, extending the life of your boat.

No more struggling with complicated installations! The Pop-A-Pole features a user-friendly design that makes setup a breeze. Its adjustable height ensures a snug fit for boat covers of various sizes, providing maximum coverage and protection.


Ventilation for Your Vessel

Our support pole doesn't just protect against water accumulation – it also promotes proper ventilation. This crucial feature prevents mold and mildew growth, keeping your boat fresh and ready for your next adventure.


Upgrade Your Boat Care Routine

Transform the way you protect and care for your boat with the Pop-A-Pole Boat Cover Support Pole. Say goodbye to the headaches of sagging covers and hello to worry-free boat maintenance. Invest in the Pop-A-Pole today – because your boat deserves the best!



28900 Pop-A-Pole Spring loaded support pole 28"-39"
28901 Pop-A-Pole Spring loaded support pole 36"-54"
28902 Pop-A-Pole Spring loaded support pole 50"-72"

  • - Easy to use twist lock

  • - Sizing to fit any application

  • - Aluminum (corrosion resistant ) construction

  • - Foot maintains position on PVC flooring material used on most new boats.

  • - Large diameter foot does not damage flooring material

  • .- Anti-Scuff rubber coated foot maintains position.

  • - Articulating foot and constant pressure enables the poles to be angled or put in irregular places.

  • - Prevents water from pocketing on the cover.

  • - Poles will expand and contract with cover movement (covers shrink in extreme sun and heat)

  • - During extreme weather (wind, rain and snow) poles will compress, preventing damage to the cover.

  • - Provides constant pressure while transporting (poles will maintain pressure eliminating them from pushing through the cover)

  • - Eliminates the need to check pole tension during transport (manufacturers recommend every 50-100 miles traveled)

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