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smarte jack innovation award

Your boat's catch and release system.


With the complete electric winch system, you'll never have to get in and out of your boat to load or launch again. The complete Rope-A-Boat® system includes all the parts featured on our site and works hard so you don't have to.

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Traffic Jams at the Boat Ramp Are Over!

We've all seen them: the crowded boat ramps with a pile-up of waiting boaters. Waiting around is frustrating, and being the cause of the back up is downright embarrassing. There's no question that the boat ramp can be a hassle. If you're tired of the same old boat launch waiting game, Rope-A-Boat® is your solution. With Rope-A-Boat®, you can get in and out of the water in less than one minute. But that's not all. Rope-A-Boat® is a must-have solution for the following reasons.

See How Rope-A-Boat Works 1

See How Rope-A-Boat Works 2

Rope-A-Boat Installation Video



With Rope-A-Boat®, you never have to leave your boat and get in the water. No dangerous"walking thetightrope" to load. No wading and maneuvering on slippery surfaces. Rope-A-BoatR latches, centers, and loads while you watch from inside your boat.

It's Fast  

Rope-A-Boat® will load your boat in less than one minute. With our system, you"ll spend less time stuck at the ramp and more time enjoying the water.

It's Wireless  

With Rope-A-Boat®, hand-cranking is a thing of the past. Each system includes a wireless remote thatautomatically releases and loads your boat. Now, dealing with the boat launch is as simple as pressing a button.

One Person Job

With Rope-A-Boat®, you can load and unload your boat without assistance from another person. Your driver can stay in the vehicle, and you can stay in your boat.

Currents and Crosswinds

The forces of Mother Nature are no match for Rope-A-Boat®. With the push of a button, your Rope-A-Boat®system keeps your boat in alignment with the trailer,even if there are strong winds or water currents.


New Laws ( No Power loading)

Every year, more and more states are outlawing power loading because of the damage it causes to boat ramps and boat equipment. With Rope-A-Boat®, you don’t have to power load, and you don't have to manually crank a handle to get your boat on the trailer. Our automatic system makes loading and unloading easy, while preserving our boat ramps for future use. Want to learn why power loading is a bad idea?


Mark Martin – Professional Walleye Fisherman recommends Rope-A-Boat®


"We got a Rope-A-Boat® - a new invention this year that is going to revolutionize launching your boat and loading your boat. It's good for people that can't do things. Now it's a rule in Michigan - no power loading. So this is a great invention and it really isn't that expensive, it runs around $1,300. But you got a key fob here and you got another cord one, so you've got a cordless unit and you've got one with a cord that you can use to launch this boat. I will show you how to do it with the key fob first. It's got a light on it so you can do it at night. Also it has a release mechanism on it. This thing launches your boat. We'll show you how to pick it back up here in a second and load your boat.

Once it comes to the end right there, it'll hold it just like a 3-point hitch system. When everybody's in, you pull the switch like Kurt just did and you back out from it. Super easy system. It's got a built-in latch. You just aim for the V right there. And it doesn't matter if you're off a little bit. It bounces around until it finally latches right onto it. It picks it right up. No power loading, no nothing. Now it's hooked right on. Kurt's got it latched right there. So now we'll use another mechanism right here to pull it back up on. Just like that.

It's so simple anybody can do it. You don't have to be a rocket scientist with boat handling ability. You just have to put your boat in that little V where the two PVC pipes are right there. You'll hear a click when it latches on. Turn the motor off. Either use your cord remote one or your key fob. You can do it while you're in the boat with the key fob. So if you don't want to have somebody that's waiting at the dock or in your boat do it, you can do it right here. You can release it.

It's a one man operation too. So what's nice is, like I say, when you're ready to let it go, you have a launch release on it and - go fishing."


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