- Easy to use twist lock

- Sizing to fit any application

- Aluminum (corrosion resistant) construction

- Foot maintains position on PVC flooring material           used on most new boats.

- Large diameter foot does not damage flooring                 material

- Articulating foot and constant pressure enables the       poles to be angled or put in irregular places

- Prevents water from pocketing on the cover

- Poles will expand and contract with cover movement    (covers shrink in extreme sun and heat)

- During extreme weather (wind, rain and snow )           

   poles will compress, preventing damage to the cover

- Provides constant pressure while transporting (poles

   will maintain pressure eliminating them from

   pushing through the cover)

-Eliminates the need to check pole tension during

  transport (manufacturers recommend every 50-100       miles traveled)

Patent pending

28900 Pop-A-Pole Spring loaded support pole 28"-39"

28901 Pop-A-Pole Spring loaded support pole 36"-54"

28902 Pop-A-Pole Spring loaded support pole 53"-72"

Pop-a-pole video

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